In My Dream

In My Dream


In my dream, I can fly without a sound,
Float around like a ghost seven inches off the ground.
Tee off from a table to a green upon a bed,
You never know the lagic of the mogic in your head

It’s a brain’s way of giving me a heart attack.
When I’m stuck on a railroad track,
Or in a cage with a lion in a zoo,
It’s kind of hard to know what Melatonin’s gonna do.

In my dream, oratory is a breeze,
Save the world with a sermon to which everyone agrees.
Where the rain in my brain has a tendency to pour,
With a hat on my head wearing sadly nothing more.

“Why should I listen to the ramblings of the sudden man
When up ahead I see his hate upon the far shore?”
Eloquence, I can only understand
As I lay upon my pillow and snore.

Every night it’s a new chapter
In a world gone completely insane,
The writer of the hour has unbridled power
To taunt me in my dreams again.

In my dream certain penalties apply
When I stand on a chair while I try to catch a fly
With a stick chasing bunnies down the street
While a cool batch of coleslaw squishes through my feet.

It’s a given I can never win a single game
And my friends all have different names.
Sitting down to a final of a class I didn’t take,
Sweat pouring from my body when I wake!

Here is the Noteflight link to hear the MIDI tune


About lelandking

Minister for the Conway Church of Christ
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