The Quiet Muslims

Some recent posts have got me to thinking about whether or not Islam should even be considered a religion. I’m not qualified to make such a subjective determination, but I do know this.  Any religion/theocracy that has at its primary goal the subjugation of all other religions by force or else, is not one that will listen to rational dialogue.  It is a futile premise, to share truth with someone whose very aim is to destroy you because of the truth you are trying to share.

Muslims ignorant of their own Quran will swear up and down that they are a peaceful religion. They claim that Islam denounces any violence or harmful action toward the innocent.  But that’s the problem.  As I heard someone recently say, “You and I don’t qualify!”  Sorry, but none of us are innocent.

When people commit atrocities in the name of Christianity, those who truly understand Christianity rise up and decry the behavior as being contrary to the truth of what Jesus taught. We would denounce people for trying to usurp our faith to promote their violence.  Could it be that the reason we see so frustratingly little backlash from Muslims who promote peace is because in their heart they know that their approach flies in the face of teachings which allow for violence? Are they truly adhering to the intentions of their founder when they decry violence toward those who will not convert? Could it be that if they were to speak boldly and publicly against those involved in violence would point the “not innocent” light on their heads.

When people commit atrocities in the name of Islam, they are not going against the teachings of its founder, Muhammad. This might explain why it is true that most people killed by Muslims are other Muslims.  The reason would be that those being killed have been determined to not be “innocent.”  The victims must have been theologically impure in some form or another and thus become fair game for ‘jihad.’ (the ‘lesser’ jihad, that is.)

For me, whether or not Islam is a legitimate religion is a moot point. Without a doubt Islam promotes a fanatical theocracy that by default has nothing built into it that would allow it to peacefully coexist with any other world view. The sooner we can all wrap our heads around that fact, the sooner we can understand how to ‘dialogue” with the Muslim world as it stands now. We should not be surprised when we find knives and guns at the bargaining table. Hate to sound so “unchristian” about it, but even Jesus says in Matthew 10:16, “I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.”



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