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My School Shooting Rant

I heard today an angry rant begging for someone, ANYone, to do something about these inhumane school shootings. Pleas directed at a human being, wanting solutions to a problem too large for humans to solve. Everyone is angry. But who … Continue reading

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When Belshazzars Rule

To all the Henny Penny’s who have lived through the last decade, believing doom and gloom is sure to follow an earthly election, learn from a man named Daniel. Here is a man whose ninety-some-odd years were lived under three different … Continue reading

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The Quiet Muslims

Some recent posts have got me to thinking about whether or not Islam should even be considered a religion. I’m not qualified to make such a subjective determination, but I do know this.  Any religion/theocracy that has at its primary … Continue reading

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Today’s Athenians (Acts 17 revisited)

Perhaps Paul might say these words to today’s Epicureans and Stoics.     “Men and women of Postmodern America, I perceive that in every way you are interested in the spiritual realm.  I can tell that in many ways you have … Continue reading

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A Healthy Church

I happen to be blessed to be the minister of a church that is growing and at peace. It saddens me to see a trend of dying and faltering churches, especially here in New England, where we can’t afford to … Continue reading

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